Cymbol. Make Your Late Blight and Downy Mildew Program the Best it Can be.

Active ingredient: Cymoxanil

FRAC code: 27

With its unique preventive and curative activity and superior sporulation control, Cymbol™ fungicide is a smart choice for controlling late blight on potatoes and tomatoes and downy mildew on cucurbits, lettuce and hops. Cymbol works fast, with locally systemic activity that rapidly penetrates plant tissues to fight disease from within the plant. Rainfast within two hours after application, Cymbol stops unseen infections two days after exposure infection and continues working two to 4–5 days inside the plant tissue, protecting existing foliage. Cymbol also inhibits sporulation, reducing spore viability when applied to sporulating lesions and helping break the disease cycle.

Used On

  • Cucurbits, hops, lettuce, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes

Key Benefits

  • Locally systemic action rapidly penetrates plant tissues to fight disease from within the plant.
  • Rainfast within 2 hours after application for long-lasting efficacy.
  • Unique preventive and curative activity to prevent flare-ups; stops unseen infections 2 days after exposure and continues working 4–5 days inside plant tissue.
  • Superior sporulation suppression to break disease cycle.
  • Multi-action when applied in combination with a protectant fungicide.



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