Stalwart® Xtra: Outstanding broad-spectrum control

Active ingredients: Metolachlor, Atrazine

Group code: 15, 5

This powerful pre-mix provides extended broad-spectrum residual control of annual grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds in field corn and popcorn.

Used On

  • Corn, sorghum

Key Benefits

  • A safened pre-mix flowable containing 2.4 lbs. metolachlor plus 3.1 lbs. atrazine per gallon.
  • Can be applied before or after planting, but before weeds emerge, in all tillage systems.
  • Ideal pre-emergent for Roundup Ready® crops.
  • Suitable for tank-mixing with fluid fertilizers and other herbicides.
  • Stalwart Xtra is a restricted-use pesticide.

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