Insecticide Growth Regulator

Formulation: 70DF

Mealybugs and other Hemipteran pests including leafhoppers, planthoppers, and scales don’t stand a chance against Sussex™ Insect Growth Regulator. Why?  Equivalent to Applaud®, Sussex™ inhibits chitin biosynthesis, suppresses oviposition of adults, and reduces the viability of eggs and is a perfect fit for resistance management spray programs.  Trials and constant observation of the effectiveness of Sussex over a number of years in testing and in commercial use, has shown proven performance, flexible and reliable insect control, long residual protection and the product does not flare mites.

Active Ingredient: Buprofezin

Sussex™ is effective against the nymphal stages of whiteflies, scales, mealybugs, and leafhoppers; Sussex is not an adulticide.

The Sussex™ Strategy:

Start your mealybug control program at “bud-break” to maximize effective budbreak application timing.​
  • Mealybugs overwinter at susceptible stages ​
  • Crawlers are very susceptible to Sussex​
  • Mealybugs are exposed as they move to the buds to feed​
  • Treat the trunk, cordon, spurs/canes, clusters
  • Sussex offers long residual activity ​
  • Contact, residual, fuming action

Used On

Coffee, grape, olive, Persimmon, pomegranate and tropical fruits

Key Benefits

  • Applied at budbreak or post-harvest effectively treats Leafhoppers, Lecanium Scale and mealybug
  • ​No concern of phytotoxicity with Sussex
  • Early timing application reduces overwintering populations to more manageable in-season levels ​
  • ​No buprofezin residue concerns if used early

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Compatible ​​

  • Unique Mode of Action ​
  • Excellent rotational partner​
  • No cross resistance with other IGRs ​
  • Safe on honeybees when used according to label recommendations​
  • ​Soft on most natural enemies​
  • Predatory mites, lacewings, parasitoids, lady beetles, predatory thrips


Applaud® is a registered trademark of Nichino America Inc. 


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