Contans® WG: Break the white mold cycle

Active ingredient: Coniothyrium minitans

The only preventative fungicide that goes after the source of the disease by attacking organisms in the soil, Contans is a powerful addition to your disease prevention program.

Used On

  • Brassica vegetables, bulb vegetables, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, herbs and spices, leafy vegetables, legumes, non-grass animal feeds, oilseed crops, ornamental bulbs, ornamental herbaceous potted flowers and bedding plants, root and tuber vegetables

Key Benefits

  • Controls Sclerotinia diseases such as white mold/Sclerotinia stem rot in soybeans, dry beans, lettuce, carrots and other crops.
  • Breaks the disease cycle by attacking disease organisms in the soil, before they attack plants.
  • Promotes increased yield by reducing Sclerotinia populations.
  • Applied to the soil — pre-plant, at planting, after cultivation or post-harvest — with traditional spray equipment or irrigation.
  • Can be tank mixed with many pre-emergence herbicides and glyphosate.
  • Fits both conventional and organic production — OMRI® Listed.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Echo® 720.


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