A long standing player in the biocide industry, Sostram Corporation is proud to be a part of the Sipcam Oxon group.

Pest Control Products
  • Termites
  • Surface Mold Prevention
  • Wood Rot/Decay Prevention and Remediation
  • Odor Elimination
  • Green Building Initiatives
  • Industrial Biocides
  • Mold prevention additives for paints and coatings
  • Wood Treatment (Sapstain Control)

Products: Clortram, Odor Hunter, Chlorothalonil Tech

  • Chlorothanalonil based biocide for mold prevention and sapstain control
  • Chlorothanalonil is the technical grade active ingredient of this product
  • Safe US Environmental Profile, meets all purity standards
  • Registered for use in and around homes
  • Used in many various applications
  • Makes white paints whiter
Odor Hunter
  • Unique and patented molecular odor eliminator that instantly erases odor by attacking at the source
  • Chemically reacts with odor causing molecules, does not just mask odor
  • Popular among pest control industry and industrial users
  • Ready-to-use, concentrate
Contact: Dave Fowlie, Account Manager (704) 430-9604
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