White mold can devastate a harvest – depressing soybean yields by 40% to 100% in a high pressure year.

The reason is simple. Unlike so many other plant diseases, once a grower spots white mold (sclerotia), the damage is already done. And, as one of our account managers, Jeff Pewitt, says, “There’s no single magic bullet to eliminate white mold.”

white mold management

According to Jeff’s interview with Red River Farm Network (RRFN), multiple factors play a role in minimizing growers white mold risk. “It’s variety selection, planting dates, fertility levels, row spacing, and chemical components,” Jeff says. “In order to effectively battle [white mold] … everything they do to manage it has to be more of a proactive, preventative approach.”

To protect yields, growers have to start thinking differently, putting themselves in a position to prevent white mold, rather than just react to it.

The chemical components Jeff discusses — preventative (with Contans® WG) and foliar (with Andiamo® 230) – are also part of Sipcam Agro’s new Break the Mold Program, which offers growers the chance to apply Contans® WG and Andiamo® 230 with zero financial risk.

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