DURHAM, N.C. (June 19, 2019) — Sipcam Agro USA, Inc. announces the exclusive distribution rights to AMVAC’s federal registration of Coastal™ Herbicide, a comprehensive pre- and post-emergent for broadleaf and grassy weed control for all of the four major southern turfgrasses.

With three active ingredients combined, broad-spectrum Coastal™ Herbicide can be used without the need to tank mix. This makes Coastal a smart, efficient solution for turfgrass managers when treating multiple lawns or fairways.

“It was our intention to deliver a more simplified and economical solution without compromising performance,” says Samuel Wineinger, manager, T&O Marketing & Formulator Business, Sipcam Agro USA. “We believe Coastal will deliver the results needed for an effective integrated weed management program.”

Coastal Herbicide has been proven to be effective on even the toughest of weeds. In preliminary trials conducted by Mississippi State University, University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, North Carolina State University, Louisiana State University and Texas A&M University, Coastal Herbicide was shown to provide exceptional control of Poa annua broadleaf weeds like white clover and henbit, and grassy weeds such as Poa annua and crabgrass.

In addition to its broad control, Coastal Herbicide provides flexibility for application. Patrick McCullough, associate professor, crop and soil sciences at University of Georgia, also notes Coastal’s application flexibility.

“Our trial results show Coastal has potential at different times of the year for controlling many weeds in one application,” says McCullough. “This makes it a good option to add in to a sequential program with other herbicides. It also fits in well with herbicide rotation programs, particularly for turf managers who may be concerned about Poa resistance to products with a single mode of action.”

The following chart indicates control or suppression using Coastal Herbicide among a wide range of broadleaf weeds that are commonly found in southern-region turfgrasses.

Weed Control Comparison

Coastal Herbicide will be available in June 2019 in time for fall southern turfgrass applications. For more information, talk to your SipcamAgro distributor or visit Coastal Herbicide.

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