SipcamRotam announced it will change to an improved Spray Dried Granule (SDG) formulation for its Echo Ultimate 825 fungicide. The finer granule will allow the product to go into suspension faster for more efficient mixing that decreases prep time and the amount of fungicide potentially underutilized due to variability in spray solutions.

The new formulation will be packaged in 5-pound bags rather than in plastic jugs to reduce the volume of packaging to discard.

“It’s a superior formulation that our customers will see in the bag and in the sprayer,” said George Furrer, Vice President of Specialty Business for SipcamRotam. “Chlorothalonil is a staple product for golf course superintendents. The new Echo Ultimate SDG will deliver excellent wettability, suspensibility, and adhesion properties. A great disease management tool just got even better.”

With the global shortage of chlorothalonil continuing it’s more important than ever to achieve the maximum return on fungicide inputs. The new Echo Ultimate SDG formulation will help manage efficiencies with less prep time, less product left behind, and less packaging waste.

“We are committed to meeting our customer’s needs for economically sound spray programs,” Furrer added. “We don’t see chlorothalonil as a commodity, but as a molecule that we continue to invest in even when supply is short.”

Echo Ultimate SDG will be available April 15.

About SipcamRotam

SipcamRotam is a joint venture derived from SipcamAdvan ( and Rotam North America ( Both companies offer a distribution-focused marketing strategy to provide chemical, biorational and biostimulant products to the agriculture, turf and ornamental (T&O) markets. Each company works on a global platform but offers local crop protection and T&O solutions. The joint venture is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.