DURHAM, N.C. (March 1 , 2021) — In its dedication to providing real solutions for the toughest turf challenges, Sipcam Agro USA announces it has released its newest innovation: Karma™ Fungicide. The highly systemic fungicide is a powerful tool to combat many Pythium diseases, including damping-off, cottony blight, grease spot and root rot.

“As golf superintendents and turf and lawn managers know, Pythium diseases can be devastating even for the most well-maintained turf grass,” says Todd Mason, Director of National Sales and Development for Specialty at Sipcam. “Pythium reduces the turf’s ability to absorb water and nutrition from the soil and causes roots to die back. It’s extremely difficult to get rid of, so prevention is key. Karma Fungicide does both.”

Karma can be used in the summer as a curative when signs of Pythium begin to appear, minimizing any potential turf damage. However, the fungicide delivers maximum returns when used as a preventative in early spring.

The fungicide is suitable for tank-mixing to broaden the disease-control spectrum and can be applied following germination or to established turf. It absorbs quickly, which benefits translocation, and its multi-site mode of action makes it an excellent resistance management tool.

“Tough challenges need innovative and powerful solutions,” says Mason. “That’s what Karma is. A real solution that can help superintendents and managers maintain their turf, so they can keep their business on solid ground.”

Karma Fungicide is available now. For more information, talk to your Sipcam Agro distributor or visit Sipcam Agro USA.

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