SipcamRotam Announces Maravich as VP Specialty Business

Durham, N.C., 5/2/17 –  SipcamRotam announced today that Michael Maravich will be joining the company as their new Vice President of Specialty Business. That role was previously held by George Furrer, who was recently named Chief Executive Officer of United Turf Alliance. 

SipcamRotam Partners With Project EverGreen

Employees from SipcamRotam joined forces with area corporations for Project EverGreen’s “Healthy Turf. Healthy Kids” initiative on April 8. The volunteers spruced up the baseball field at Durham’s Red Maple Park.

New Formulation for Echo Ultimate Announced

SipcamRotam announced it will change to an improved Spray Dried Granule (SDG) formulation for its Echo Ultimate 825 fungicide. The finer granule will allow the product to go into suspension faster for more efficient mixing that decreases prep time and the amount of fungicide potentially underutilized due to variability in spray solutions.

SipcamAdvan Announces New Biostimulants at Commodity Classic

Corn, soybean and cereal growers gathered in Phoenix for the  20th annual Commodity Classic are considering inputs to help them improve productivity going into 2015. This year, SipcamAdvan will launch a new line of products that show promise for improving corn, bean and cereal quality and yields. Developed from natural sources, biostimulants can improve the efficiency…

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