Corn, soybean and cereal growers gathered in Phoenix for the  20th annual Commodity Classic are considering inputs to help them improve productivity going into 2015. This year, SipcamAdvan will launch a new line of products that show promise for improving corn, bean and cereal quality and yields.

Developed from natural sources, biostimulants can improve the efficiency of plant nutrients through greater uptake or reduced losses and act as soil amendments. These products complement conventional crop protection and plant nutrition products.

“Our biostimulants have been used successfully in Europe for many years increasing growers’ yields in multiple crops.  We are working with university researchers and consultants to identify how these promising products best fit into agronomy programs in the United States.” said Adam Burnhams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, SipcamAdvan.  ”Growers in Europe have seen stimulated root growth and increased fertilizer uptake, among other benefits, which help to increase plant vigor and allow the plant to better withstand external stressors.”

These products, which include Baccarat™, Potente™, Sipfolmax™ and Marvita™, are pending state registrations.  Consult with your local SipcamAdvan sales representative to determine product availability in your area.

Baccarat is a novel liquid biostimulant that offers dual activity with both soil enhancement and plant bioactivation. Baccarat increases root system efficiency and boosts the uptake of fertilizers to help improve crop quality and yield. It can be used on corn, soybean, sugar beet, potato, vegetables and fruit trees.

Potente is an amino acid root biostimulant which provides a quick visual impact on plant health in vegetables, fruit trees, sugar beets and potato crops. It also helps enhance root uptake and is easily translocated into the plant.

Sipfolmax helps reduce plant stress in cereals, corn and potato crops. This organic polypeptide contains an optimum ratio of free amino acid and small peptides. Sipfolmax has been shown to regulate water equilibrium and improve nitrogen efficiency, which helps to reduct overall plant stress.

Marvita regulates important physiological processes within table grapes and citrus and stone fruit trees to help enhance the plant’s natural resistance to stressors. This seaweed physioactivator can also increase root growth.

Contact your retailer or SipcamAdvan sales representative for more information.

About SipcamAdvan

SipcamAdvan is owned by the Sipcam-Oxon Group, an Italian company recognized worldwide for its formulation and manufacturing expertise. SipcamAdvan uses a distribution-focused marketing strategy to provide traditional chemical and biorational products to the turf, ornamental and agricultural markets in the U.S. and Mexico. The company is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.