Stilo No-Risk Guarantee Program

To register for the 2023 No-Risk Guarantee Offer submit your information after reviewing the qualifications criteria below.


  1. Stilo proof of purchase and application of at least 5 oz./acre during the crop season in 2023.
  2. Treatment of at least 80% of each field acre (minimum 100 acres treated) with Stilo PSR for yield comparison purposes.
  3. Product applications must be made by August 1, 2023, and in accordance with labeled directions.
  4. Utilize year-end yield monitor data to determine if the product cost of Stilo PSR was paid for in yield gain versus untreated acre yields. If not, the dollar value difference between the average of treated acres’ yield and the average of untreated acres’ yield vs the cost of the product purchased will be returned to the grower via check by January 31, 2024.
  5. Corn & Soybean crop value will be determined on the closing price per bushel of the Chicago Board of Trade on October 6, 2023, which is not to exceed the purchase price of 5 oz. of Stilo PSR.


  1. Treated and untreated acres shall be harvested within a maximum of 48 hours of each other.
  2. Additional applications of bio-stimulants, foliar nutritional sprays, or microbial products must be added equally on both the Stilo-treated & untreated sides of the field.
  3. All agronomic factors must be the same in both treated and untreated acres.
  4. To receive a refund for up to $140.00/gallon of Stilo PSR, enroll by Nov 17, 2023, by submitting the required information through the forms located at the top right side of this webpage.
  5. Sipcam Agro USA Inc., will not reimburse for yield reductions related to climatic factors such as flooding, hail, wind, drought, fire, extenuating soil conditions, i.e.: differences in soil types, tillage, soil compaction, flooding, etc. damage by pests other than corn/soybean insects and or foliar disease or any form of mechanical damage.
  6. No-Risk Guarantee refunds are limited to a maximum of $5.47 per acre enrolled in the program.

Critical Deadlines:»

  • July 31, 2023:  Sign-up and enroll in the No-Risk Guarantee program by submitting the required information through the forms located at the top right side of this webpage under the “resources” section.
  • November 17, 2023: Submit yield maps for treated/untreated field results with treated/untreated boundaries. Yield will be calculated based on the average for all acres within each treatment zone.
  • January 31, 2024: Sipcam Agro USA Inc., remittance of any qualified refunds.


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