Fight stress and improve turf vigor with this biostimulant-enhanced fertilizer treatment.

Active ingredient: 0-29*-30

Bungalow™ is a highly concentrated soluble nutrient solution for use as a supplemental foliar treatment in turf and ornamentals. It is readily absorbed through leaf or root tissue and quickly corrects deficiencies and enhances plant vigor, crop development, quality and yield.

Used On

  • Turfgrass, ornamental plants

Key Benefits

  • Biostimulant-enhanced potassium phosphite
  • Systemic stress fighter
  • Enhances plant vigor, development and quality
  • Proprietary formulation of highly concentrated, biologically active compounds
  • Highly systemic, highly synergistic combination
  • Important tool in integrated stress management and quality production


*Does not contain available phosphate. Analysis represents P03.




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